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Using two decades of technology experience we craft our products together with early adopters to make sure they provide just the right tools to get the job done.

Creating great software for growing companies means putting humans first. Listen, learn and support each other and grow together in a long lasting relationship. We're not an anonymous large software provider that you can't get hold of. I'm Alex, I'm here to help.

Alex Duggleby
Founder of Sol Inventum

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“It’s the third voting tool we’ve tried, and it’s by far the most efficient, affordable, and easy to use, both for jury members and for the administrators, I can’t imagine a better experience. We will definitely use it again.”

Customer Reviews 
from the Microsoft AppStore Page for MailMerge365

A year ago with the start of the Corona lockdowns we needed to reach all (a couple of thousands) students/parents quickly to deliver personalized information. This tool was the best in its kind, and support was outstanding. It even get enhanced with some of our suggestions. Highly recommended!!

SBS Hasselt

Great Service - They will personally check on you to make sure you are getting what you need from the program and do whatever is necessary to make sure you are happy with the results!

Buddy W.

Great Emailer! - This is great product - does what it says on the tin and my hunch says they are working on improving it all the time! Keep up the good work!!

Butch S.

Just what I needed! - I have trying to figure out how to send mass emails with personalized salutations and that allows attachments for years! I love the ability to track who has opened and clicked. Alex is VERY fast to reply with any issues!!

Charlene L

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